the Living God. The wayfarers who saw the two receptacles
wondered, and they would ask, "How doth the ark of the
dead come next to the ark of the Ever-living?" The
answer was, "The dead man enshrined in the one fulfilled
the commandments enshrined in the other. In the latter it
is written, I am the Lord thy God, and he said, Am I in the
place of God? Here it is written, Thou shalt have no other
gods before My face, and he said, I fear God. Here it is
written, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God
in vain, and therefore he did not swear by God, but said,
By the life of Pharaoh. Here it is written, Remember the
Sabbath day, and he said to the overseer of his palace on
Friday, Slay and make ready, meaning for the Sabbath.
Here it is written, Honor thy father and thy mother, and he
said, when his father desired to send him to his brethren,

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