Israel. Reuben is so called, because God "sees" the affliction
of His people; Simon, because He "hears" its groaning;
Levi, He "joins" Himself unto His people when Israel
suffers; Judah, Israel will "thank" God for its deliverance;
Issachar, it will be "rewarded" for its suffering with a
recompense; Zebulon, God will have a "dwelling-place" in
Israel; Benjamin, He swore by His "right hand" to succor
His people; Dan, He will "judge" the nation that subjugates
Israel; Naphtali, He bestowed the Torah upon Israel,
and she drops sweetness like the "honeycomb"; Gad, the
Lord gave manna unto Israel, and it was like "coriander"
seed; Asher, all nations will call Israel "happy"; and Joseph,
because God will "add" a second redemption of Israel
to the first--redemption from the wicked kingdom at the end
as from Egypt in former times.[4]

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