the Lord had swept me away. I was twenty years of age
when I did what was evil before the Lord, and for seven
months I was sick unto death. Then I did penance for
seven years in the innermost depths of my soul. Wine and
strong drink I drank not, the flesh of animals passed not my
lips, dainties I tasted not, because I mourned over my sins,
for they were great."

He admonished those gathered around him to beware of
the seven tempter spirits, which are the spirit of fornication,
gluttony, strife, love of admiration, arrogance, falsehood,
and injustice. He cautioned them especially against unchastity,
saying: "Pay no heed to the glances of a woman,
and remain not alone with a married woman, and do not occupy
yourselves with the affairs of women. Had I not seen

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