Bilhah bathe in a secluded spot, I had not fallen into the
great sin I committed, for after my thoughts had once
grasped the nakedness of woman, I could not sleep until I
had accomplished the abominable deed. For when our
father Jacob went to his father Isaac, while we sojourned in
Eder, not far from Ephrath, which is Beth-lehem, Bilhah
was drunken with wine, and she lay asleep, uncovered, in
her bedchamber, and I entered in and saw her nakedness
and committed the sin, and I went out again, leaving her
asleep. But an angel of God revealed my impious act to my
father Jacob at once. He came back and mourned over me,
and never again did he approach Bilhah. Unto the very last
day of his life, I had not the assurance to look my father in
the face or to speak to my brethren regarding my disgrace,
and even now my conscience tortures me on account of my

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