As Reuben confessed his sin upon his death-bed, and
warned his children and his family to be on their guard
against unchastity, the vice that had brought about his fall,
so Simon, when he was about to die, assembled his sons
around him, and confessed the sin he had committed. He
had been guilty of boundless envy of Joseph, and he spoke:
"I was the second son begotten by my father Jacob, and my
mother Leah called me Simon, because the Lord had heard
her prayer. I waxed strong, and shrank from no manner of
deed, and I was afraid of naught, for my heart was hard,
and my liver unyielding, and my bowels without mercy.
And in the days of my youth I was jealous of Joseph, for our
father loved him more than all the rest of us, and I resolved

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