to kill him. For the prince of temptation sent the spirit of
jealousy to take possession of me, and it blinded me so that
I did not consider Joseph to be my brother, and I spared
not even my father Jacob. But his God and the God of his
fathers sent His angel and saved him out of my hands.

When I went to Shechem to fetch ointment for the herds,
and Reuben was in Dothan, where all our supplies and stores
were kept, our brother Judah sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites.
On his return, when he heard what had happened, Reuben
was very sad, for he had been desirous of saving Joseph and
bringing him back to our father. But as for me, my wrath
was enkindled against Judah, that he had let him escape
alive. My anger abode with me all of five months. But the
Lord restrained me from using the power of my hands, for

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