my right hand withered for the length of seven days. Then
I knew that what had happened was for the sake of Joseph.
I repented and prayed to God to restore my hand and withhold
me henceforth from all sorts of defilement, envy, and
folly. For two years I gave myself up to fasting and the
fear of God, for I perceived that redemption from jealousy
could come only through the fear of God.

My father, seeing me downcast, asked to know the cause
of my sadness, and I replied that I was suffering with my
liver, but in truth I was mourning more than all my brethren,
seeing that I had been the cause of Joseph's sale. And
when we went down into Egypt, and Joseph bound me as a
spy, I was not grieved, for I knew in my heart that my suffering
was just retribution. But Joseph was good, the spirit

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