of God dwelt within him. Compassionate and merciful as
he was, he bore me no resentment for my evil deeds toward
him, but he loved me with the same love he showed the
others. He paid due honor to us all, and gave us gold, and
cattle, and produce. And now, my dear children, do ye love
one another, each one his brother, with a clean heart, and
remove the spirit of jealousy from the midst of you."

Like Reuben, so also Simon adjured his sons to beware of
unchastity, for this vice is the mother of all evil. It separates
man from God, and abandons him to Behar. These
were the closing words of his exhortation: "In the writings
of Enoch I saw that your sons would be corrupted
through unchastity, and they would maltreat the sons of
Levi with the sword. But they will not be able to do aught

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