against Levi, for the war he will wage is the war of the
Lord, and he will vanquish all your armies. As a small remnant
you will be scattered among Levi and Judah, and none
among you will rise to be a judge or a king of our people, as,
my father Jacob prophesied in his blessing."

Having completed his admonitions to his sons, Simon
passed away and was gathered to his fathers, at the age of
one hundred and twenty years. His sons placed him in a
coffin made of imperishable wood, so that they might carry
his bones to Hebron, as they did, in secret, during the war
between the Egyptians and the Canaanites. Thus did all the
tribes during the war; they took the remains each of its
founder from Egypt to Hebron. Only the bones of Joseph
remained in Egypt until the Israelites went out of the land,

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