When it was disclosed to Levi that he was about to die,
he gathered all his children around him, to tell them the
story of his life, and he also prophesied unto them what they
would do, and what would happen to them until the judgment
day. He spoke: "When we were pasturing the flocks
in Abel-Meholah, the spirit of understanding of the Lord
came upon me, and I saw all mankind, how they corrupt
their ways, and that injustice builds up walls for herself,
and impiety sits enthroned upon the towers. And I fell to
grieving over the generations of men, and I prayed to the
Lord to save me. Sleep enshrouded me, and I beheld a tall
mountain, and lo! the heavens opened, and an angel of God
addressed me, and said: 'Levi, enter!'

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