where I beheld the holy Temple, and God seated upon the
Throne of Glory. The Lord spake to me: 'Levi, upon
thee have I bestowed the blessing of the priesthood, until I
come and dwell in the midst of Israel.' Then the angel
carried me back to earth, and gave me a shield and a sword,
saying, 'Execute vengeance upon Shechem for Dinah, and
I will be with thee, for the Lord hath sent me.' I asked the
angel what his name was, and he replied: 'I am the angel
that intercedes for the people of Israel, that it may not be
destroyed utterly, for every evil spirit attacks it.'

"When I awoke, I betook myself to my father, and on the
way, near Gebal, I found a brass shield, such as I had seen
in my dream. Then I advised my father and my brother
Reuben to bid the sons of Hamor circumcise themselves, for

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