I was quivering with rage on account of the abominable deed
they had done. I slew Shechem first of all, and then Simon
slew Hamor, and all my other brothers came out and destroyed
the whole city. Our father took this in ill part, and
in his blessing he remembered our conduct. Although we
did a wrong thing in acting thus against his wishes, yet I
recognized it to be the judgment of God upon the people of
Shechem on account of their sins, and I said to my father:
'Be not wroth, my lord, for God will exterminate the
Canaanites through this, and he will give the land to thee
and to thy seed after thee. Henceforth Shechem will be
called the city of imbeciles, for as a fool is mocked at, so
have we made a mockery of them.'

"When we journeyed to Beth-lehem, and had been abiding

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