there for seventy days, another vision was vouchsafed
me, like unto the former. I saw seven men clad in white,
and they spake to me, saying: 'Rise up, and array thyself
in the priestly garments, set the crown of righteousness upon
thy head, and put on the ephod of understanding, and the
robe of truth, and the mitre-plate of faith, and the mitre of
dignity, and the shoulderpieces of prophecy.' And each of
the men brought a garment unto me and invested me therewith,
and spake: 'Henceforth be the priest of the Lord,
thou and thy seed unto eternity. And ye shall eat all that is
lovely to look upon, and the table of the Lord thy descendants
will appropriate for themselves, and from them will
come high priests, judges, and scholars, for all that is holy
will be guarded by their mouth.'

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