"Two days after I was visited by this dream, Judah and
I repaired to our grandfather Isaac, who blessed me in
accordance with the words I had heard. Jacob also had a
vision, and he saw, too, that I was appointed to be the priest
of God, and through me he set apart a tenth of his possessions
unto the Lord. And when we established ourselves in
Hebron, the residence of Isaac, our grandfather taught me
the law of the priesthood, and admonished me to hold myself
aloof from unchastity.

At the age of twenty-eight years I took Milcah to wife,
and she bore me a son, and I named him Gershom, because
we were strangers in the land. But I perceived he would
not be in the first ranks of men. My second son was born
unto me in my thirty-fifth year, and he saw the light of the

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