and flung it adown the cliff, and it lay beneath crushed. I
could keep pace with the wild boar, and overtake it, and as I
ran I seized it, and tore it to pieces. A leopard sprang at
my dog in Hebron, and I grasped its tail, and hurled it away
from me, and its body burst on the coast at Gaza. A wild
steer I found grazing in the field. I took it by its horns,
swung it round and round until it was stunned, and then I
cast it to the ground and killed it."

Judah continued and told his children of his heroism in
the wars that the sons of Jacob had waged with the kings of
Canaan and with Esau and his family. In all these conflicts
he bore a distinguished part, beyond the achievements of
the others. His father Jacob was free from all anxiety when
Judah was with his brethren in their combats, because he had

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