and I took Bath-shua to wife, and trespassed with Tamar,
though she was the affianced of my son. First I said to
Bath-shua's father, 'I will take counsel with my father Jacob,
to know whether I should marry thy daughter,' but he
was a king, and he showed me an untold heap of gold accredited
to his daughter, and he adorned her with the magnificence
of women, in gold and pearls, and he bade her pour
the wine at the meal. The wine turned my eyes awry, and
passion darkened my heart. In mad love for her, I violated
the command of the Lord and the will of my father, and I
took her to wife. The Lord gave me a recompense according
to the counsel of my heart, for I had no joy in the sons
she bore me.

"And now, my children, I pray you, do not intoxicate yourselves

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