you not to love gold, and not to look upon the beauty of
women, for through money and through beauty I was led
astray to Bath-shua the Canaanite. I know that my stock
will fall into misery through these two things, for even the
wise men among my sons will be changed by them, and
the consequence will be that the kingdom of Judah will
be diminished, the domain that the Lord gave me as a reward
for my obedient conduct toward my father, for never
did I speak in contradiction of him, but I did all things
according to his words. And Isaac, my father's father,
blessed me with the blessing that I should be ruler in Israel,
and I know that the kingdom will arise from me. In the
books of Enoch the just I read all the evil that ye will do
in the latter days. Only beware, my children, of unchastity
and greed, for love of gold leads to idolatry,

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