causing men to call them gods that are none, and dethroning the
reason of man. On account of gold I lost my
children, and had I not mortified my flesh, and humbled
my soul, and had not my father Jacob offered up prayers for
me, I had died childless. But the God of my fathers, the
merciful and gracious One, saw that I had acted unwittingly,
for the ruler of deception had blinded me, and I was
ignorant, being flesh and blood, and corrupt through sins,
and in the moment when I considered myself invincible, I
recognized my weakness."

Then Judah revealed to his sons, in clear, brief words, the
whole history of Israel until the advent of the Messiah, and
his final speech was: "My children, observe the whole law
of the Lord; in it is hope for all that keep His ways. I die

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