When Issachar felt his end approach, he summoned his
sons, and he said to them: "Hearken, my children, unto
your father Issachar, and listen to the words of him that is
beloved of the Lord. I was born unto Jacob as his fifth son,
as a reward for the dudaim. Reuben brought the dudaim
from the field. They were fragrant apples, which grew in
the land of Haran upon an eminence below a gully. Rachel
met Reuben, and she took the dudaim away from him. The
lad wept, and his cries brought his mother Leah to his side,
and she addressed Rachel thus: 'Is it a small matter that
thou hast taken away my husband? and wouldst thou take
away my son's dudaim also?' And Rachel said, 'See,
Jacob shall be thine to-night for thy son's dudaim.' But

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