desire unto woman, but, overwhelmed by fatigue, I would
sink into sleep. My father was well pleased at all times with
my rectitude. If my work was crowned with good results, I
brought the firstfruits of my labor to the priest of the Lord,
the next harvest went to my father, and then I thought of
myself. The Lord doubled the possessions in my hand, and
Jacob knew that God aided me for the sake of my singleness
of heart, for in my sincerity I gave of the produce of the
land to the poor and the needy.

"And now hearken unto me, my children, and walk in
singleness of heart, for upon it resteth the favor of the Lord
at all times. The simple man longeth not for gold, he doth
not defraud his neighbor, he hath no desire for meats and
dainties of many kinds, he careth not for sumptuous dress,

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