he hopeth not for long life, he waiteth only upon the will of
God. The spirits of deception have no power over him, for
he looketh not upon the beauty of woman, lest he defile his
understanding with corruption. Jealousy cometh not into
his thoughts, envy doth not sear his soul, and insatiable
greed doth not make him look abroad for rich gain. Now,
then, my children, observe the law of the Lord, attain to
simplicity, and walk in singleness of heart, without meddling
with the affairs of others. Love the Lord and love your
neighbors, have pity upon the poor and the feeble, bow your
backs to till the ground, occupy yourselves with work upon
the land, and bring gifts unto the Lord in gratitude. For
the Lord hath blessed you with the best of the fruits of the
field, as he hath blessed all the saints from Abel down to
our day.

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