up of eyes. I drank no wine, that I might not be led astray,
I did not covet what belonged to my neighbor, guile had no
place in my heart, lies did not pass my lips. I sighed along
with all that were heavy-laden, and to the poor I gave my
bread. I loved the Lord with all my might, and mankind I
also loved. Do ye likewise, my children, and all the spirits
of Beliar will flee from you, no deed done by the wicked will
have power over you, and ye will vanquish all the wild
beasts, for ye have with you the Lord of heaven."

And Issachar bade his children carry him up to Hebron,
and bury him there by his fathers in the Cave, and he
stretched out his feet, and fell into the sleep of eternity, full
of years, healthy of limb, and in the possession of all his

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