When Zebulon attained the age of one hundred and fourteen
years, which was two years after the death of Joseph,
he called his sons together, and admonished them, in these
words, to lead a life of piety: "I am Zebulon, a precious
gift for my parents, for when I was born, my father became
very rich, by means of the streaked rods, in herds of sheep
and herds of cattle. I am conscious of no sin in me, and I
remember no wrong done by me, unless it be the unwitting
sin committed against Joseph, in that I did not, out of
consideration for my brethren, disclose to my father what had
happened to his favorite son, though in secret I mourned
exceedingly. I feared my brethren, because they had agreed
that he who betrayed the secret should be slain with the

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