but I came away unharmed. For ye must know that I was
the first to build a boat for rowing upon the sea, and I plied
along the coasts in it, and caught fish for my father's
household, until we went down into Egypt. Out of pity I would
share my haul with the poor stranger, and if he was sick or
well on in years, I would prepare a savory dish for him, and
I gave unto each according to his needs, sympathizing with
him in his distress and having pity upon him. Therefore
the Lord brought numerous fish to my nets, for he that gives
aught to his neighbor, receives it back from the Lord with
great increase. For five years I fished in the summer, and
in the winter I pastured the flocks with my brethren.

"Now, my children, have pity and compassion on all men,
that the Lord may have pity and compassion on you, for

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