Zebulon ended his exhortation unto unity with an account
of the divisions in Israel, whereof he had read in the writings
of the fathers, that they would come about in future
days, and bring sore suffering upon Israel. However, he
spoke encouraging words to his children, saying: "Be not
grieved over my death, and do not lose heart at my departure
from you, for I shall arise again in the midst of you,
and I shall live joyously among the people of my tribe, those
who observe the law of the Lord. As for the godless, the
Lord will bring everlasting fire down upon them, and exterminate
them unto all generations. Now I hasten hence unto
my eternal rest with my fathers. But ye, fear ye the Lord
your God with all your might all the days of your life."

Having made an end of saying these words, he sank into

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