me to be his messenger, and in his blessing he called
me a hind let loose. As the potter knows the vessel he
fashions, how much it is to hold, and uses clay accordingly,
so the Lord makes the body in conformity with the soul, and
to agree with the capacity of the body He plans the soul.
The one corresponds to the other down to the third of a hair-
breadth, for the whole of creation was made by weight, and
measure, and rule. And as the potter knows the use of
every vessel he fashions, so the Lord knows the body of His
creature, unto what point it will be steadfast in the good,
and at what point it will fall into evil ways. Now, then, my
children, let your conduct be well-ordered unto good in the
fear of God, do naught that is ill-regulated or untimely, for
though ye tell your eye to hear, it yet cannot, and as little
can ye do deeds of light while you abide in darkness."

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