he would not have others do unto him." His sons asked
again, "Father, hast thou observed that we strayed from
the ways of the Lord to the right or to the left?" Naphtali
replied: "God is witness, and so am I witness for you,
that it is as you say. But I fear regarding future times, that
you may depart from the ways of the Lord, and follow after
the idols of the stranger, and walk in the statutes of the
heathen peoples, and join yourselves unto the sons of Joseph
instead of the sons of Levi and Judah." The sons of Naphtali
spoke, "What reason hast thou for commanding this
thing unto us?" Naphtali: "Because I know that the sons
of Joseph will one day turn recreant to the Lord, the God of
their fathers, and it is they that will lead the sons of Israel
into sin, and cause them to be driven away from their
inheritance, their beautiful land, to a land that is not ours,

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