said to him, 'My son, why hast thou not done like thy brethren?'
Joseph answered, 'What right have men born of
woman to be in the heavens, seeing that in the end they must
stay on earth?' While Joseph was speaking thus, a tall
steer appeared before him. He had great pinions like the
wings of the stork, and his horns were as long as those of
the reem. Jacob urged his son, 'Up, Joseph, mount the
steer!' Joseph did as his father bade him, and Jacob went
his way. For the space of two hours Joseph displayed himself
upon the steer, sometimes galloping, sometimes flying,
until he reached Judah. Then Joseph unfolded the standard
in his hand, and began to rain blows down upon Judah with
it, and when his brother demanded the reason for this treatment,
he said, 'Because thou hast twelve rods in thine hand,
and I have but one. Give thine to me, and peace shall prevail

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