you see what I see?' And when we answered that we did,
he commanded us to follow him. He took off his clothes,
and sprang into the sea, and we sprang after him. Levi and
Judah were the first to scale the side of the ship. Our father
cried after them, 'See what is written upon the mast,' for
there is no ship that does not bear the name of the owner
upon the mast. Levi and Judah scrutinized the writing, and
what they read was this, 'This ship and all the treasures
therein belong unto the son of Barachel.' Jacob thanked
God for having blessed him, not only on land, but also upon
the sea, and he said to us, 'Stretch forth your hands, and
whatsoever each one seizes shall be his!' Levi caught hold
of the big mast, Judah of the second mast, next to Levi's,
and the other brethren, with the exception of Joseph, took
the oars, and Jacob himself seized the two rudders, wherewith

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