loved him more than all of you, but by reason of his perverseness
ye will be carried away into captivity, and scattered
among the nations. Thy first and thy second vision
had the same meaning, the vision is one.'

"Therefore, my sons, I command you not to join yourselves
unto the sons of Joseph, but ye shall join yourselves
unto the sons of Levi and Judah. I tell you, too, that my
inheritance shall be of the best of Palestine, the middle of the
earth. You will eat, and the delectable gifts of my portion
will satisfy you. But I warn you not to kick in your prosperity
and not to become perverse, resisting the commands
of God, who satisfies you with the best of His land, and not
to forget your God, whom your father Abraham chose when
the families of the earth were divided in the days of Peleg.

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