The Lord descended with seventy angels, at their head
Michael, and he commanded them to teach the seventy languages
unto the seventy families of Noah. The angels did
according to the behest of God, and the holy Hebrew language
remained only in the house of Shem and Eber, and in
the house of their descendant Abraham. On this day of
teaching languages, Michael came to each nation separately,
and told it the message with which God had charged him,
saying: 'I know the rebellion and the confusion ye have
enacted against God. Now, make choice of him whom you
will serve, and whom will you have as your mediator in
heaven?' Then spake Nimrod the wicked, 'In my eyes
there is none greater than he that taught me the language of
Cush.' The other nations also answered in words like
these, each one designated its angel. But Abraham said:

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