'I choose none other than Him that spake and the world
was. In Him I will have faith, and my seed forever and
ever.' Thenceforth God put every nation in the care of its
angel, but Abraham and his seed He kept for Himself.

"Therefore I adjure you not to go astray and serve other
gods beside Him whom our fathers made choice of. You
can perceive somewhat of His power in the creation of man.
From head to foot is man wonderfully made. With his ears
he hears, with his eyes he sees, with his brain he comprehends,
with his nose he smells, with the tubes of his throat
he utters sounds, with his gullet he swallows food, with his
tongue he articulates, with his mouth he forms words, with
his hands he does his work, with his heart he meditates, with
his spleen he laughs, with his liver he waxes angry, with his

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