stomach he crushes his food, with his feet he walks, with his
lungs he breathes, and with his kidneys he makes resolves,
and none of his organs undergoes a change in function, each
performs its own. Therefore it behooves man to take to
heart who it is that hath created him, and who hath developed
him from a foul-smelling drop in the womb of woman, who
hath brought him to the light of the world, who hath given
sight to his eyes, and who hath bestowed the power of motion
upon his feet, who maketh him to stand upright, who
hath infused the breath of life into him, and who hath imparted
of His own pure spirit unto him. Happy the man,
therefore, that polluteth not the holy spirit of God within
him by doing evil deeds, and well for him if he returns it
to his Creator as he received it."

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