In the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life Gad assembled
his sons, and he spake to them: "I am the ninth
son of Jacob, and I was a valiant shepherd of the flocks. I
guarded the herds, and when a lion or any other wild beast
approached, I pursued it, gripped it by the foot, flung it a
stone's throw from me, and killed it thus. Once, for a space
of thirty days, Joseph tended the flocks with us, and when
he returned to our father, he told him that the sons of
Zilpah and Bilhah slaughtered the best of the herds, and
used the flesh without the knowledge of Reuben and Judah.
He had seen me snatch a lamb out of the jaws of a bear, kill
the bear, and slaughter the lamb, for it was too badly injured
to live. I was wroth with Joseph for his talebearing,

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