practice justice and the whole law of the Most High, and
permit yourselves not to be tempted by the spirit of hatred.
Evil is hatred, for it is the constant companion of deception,
it always contradicts the truth. A little thing it magnifies
into a great thing, light it takes for darkness, the sweet it
calls bitter, and it teaches slander, enkindles anger, brings
on war and violence, and fills the heart with devilish poison.
I tell you my own experience, my children, that ye may
drive hatred out of your hearts, and cleave to the love of the
Lord. Righteousness banishes hatred, and humility kills
it, for he that fears to give umbrage to the Lord, desires
not to do wrong even in his thoughts. This is what I
recognized at the last, after I had done penance on account
of Joseph, for true atonement, pleasing to God, enlightens
the eyes, illumines the soul with knowledge, and creates a

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