sanctuary destroyed, and you be scattered to the four corners
of the earth, and scorned in the confusion like stale
water, until the Most High shall visit the earth, and break
the heads of the dragons in the waters. Tell this, my sons,
unto your children, that they be not disobedient toward God,
for I read in the tablets of the heavens that you will be
contumacious and act impiously toward Him, in that you will
have no care for the law of God, but you will heed human
laws, and they are corrupted by reason of man's godlessness.
Therefore ye will be dispersed abroad like unto Gad and
Dan, my brethren, and you will not know either your land,
or your tribe, or your tongue. Nevertheless the Lord will
gather you in His faithfulness, for the sake of His gracious
mercy, and for the sake of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

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