by the deluge, for having slain his righteous brother Abel.
And those who are like unto Cain will be chastised forever
with the same punishments as his.

"Know now, my children, that I am about to die. Practice
truth and righteousness, and observe the law of the Lord
and also His commandments. This I bequeath unto you as
your sole heritage, and you shall leave it to your children as
an eternal possession. Thus Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did,
they transmitted it unto us, saying, 'Observe the commands
of God, until the Lord shall reveal His salvation in the sight
of all the heathen.' Then you will see Enoch, Noah, Shem,
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob[17] rise up with rejoicing to new
life at the right hand of God, and we brethren, the sons of
Jacob, will arise also, each of us at the head of his tribe, and

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