Job, the most pious Gentile that ever lived,[1] one of the
few to bear the title of honor "the servant of God,"[2] was
of double kin to Jacob. He was a grandson of Jacob's
brother Esau, and at the same time the son-in-law of Jacob
himself, for lie had married Dinah as his second wife.[3] He
was entirely worthy of being a member of the Patriarch's
family, for he was perfectly upright, one that feared God,
and eschewed evil. Had he not wavered in his resignation to
the Divine will during the great trial to which he was subjected,
and murmured against God, the distinction would
have been conferred upon him of having his name joined to
the Name of God in prayer, and men would have called upon
the God of Job as they now call upon the God of Abraham,

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