The reason Job did not shrink from such extravagant utterances
was because he denied the resurrection of the dead.
He judged of the prosperity of the wicked and the woes of
the pious only by their earthly fortunes. Proceeding from
this false premise, he held it to be possible that the punishment
falling to his share was not at all intended for him.
God had slipped into an error, He imposed the suffering
upon him that had been appointed unto a sinner. But God
spake to him, saying: "Many hairs have I created upon the
head of man, yet each hair hath its own sac, for were two
hairs to draw their nourishment from the same sac, man
would lose the sight of his eyes. It hath never happened
that a sac hath been misplaced. Should I, then, have mistaken
Job for another? I let many drops of rain descend

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