The happy, God-pleasing life led by Job for many years
excited the hatred of Satan, who had an old grudge against
him. Near Job's house there was an idol worshipped by the
people. Suddenly doubts assailed the heart of Job, and he
asked himself: "Is this idol really the creator of heaven and
earth? How can I find out the truth about it?" In the following
night he perceived a voice calling: "Jobab! Jobab!
Arise, and I will tell thee who he is whom thou desirest to
know. This one to whom the people offer sacrifices is not
God, he is the handiwork of the tempter, wherewith he deceives
men." When he heard the voice, Job threw himself
on the ground, and said: "O Lord, if this idol is the handiwork
of the tempter, then grant that I may destroy it. None

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