things unto the day of my death. I will shrink back from
naught." Now Job arose, and accompanied by fifty men he
repaired to the idol, and destroyed it.

Knowing that Satan would try to approach him, he ordered
his guard not to give access to any one, and then he
withdrew to his chamber. He had guessed aright. Satan
appeared at once, in the guise of a beggar, and demanded
speech with Job. The guard executed his orders, and forbade
his entering. Then the mendicant asked him to intercede
for him with Job for a piece of bread. Job knew it was
Satan, and he sent word to him as follows, "Do not expect
to eat of my bread, for it is prohibited unto thee," at the
same time putting a piece of burnt bread into the hand of
the guard for Satan. The servant was ashamed to give a

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