beggar burnt bread, and he substituted a good piece for it.
Satan, however, knowing that the servant had not executed
his master's errand, told him so to his face, and he fetched
the burnt bread and handed it to him, repeating the words
of Job. Thereupon Satan returned this answer, "As the
bread is burnt, so I will disfigure thy body." Job replied:
"Do as thou desirest, and execute thy plan. As for me, I
am ready to suffer whatever thou bringest down upon me."

Now Satan betook himself to God, and prayed Him to put
Job into his power,[15] saying: "I went to and fro in the
earth, and walked up and down in it, and I saw no man as
pious as Abraham. Thou didst promise him the whole land
of Palestine, and yet he did not take it in ill part that he had
not so much as a burial-place for Sarah.[16] As for Job, it is

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