tale of his losses, and then he fell down dead. The sheep,
which had been left unmolested by the queen of Sheba, were
taken away by the Chaldeans. Job's first intention was to
go to war against these marauders, but when he was told
that some of his property had been consumed by fire from
heaven, he desisted, and said, "If the heavens turn against
me, I can do nothing."[21]

Dissatisfied with the result, Satan disguised himself as the
king of Persia, besieged the city of Job's residence, took it,
and spoke to the inhabitants, saying: "This man Job hath
appropriated all the goods in the world, leaving naught for
others, and he hath also torn down the temple of our god,
and now I will pay him back for his wicked deeds. Come
with me and let us pillage his house." At first the people

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