Satan now caused a terrific storm to burst over the house
of Job. He was cast from his throne by the reverberations,
and he lay upon the floor for three hours. Then Satan smote
his body with leprosy from the sole of his foot unto his
crown. This plague forced Job to leave the city, and sit
down outside upon an ash-heap,[24] for his lower limbs were
covered with oozing boils, and the issue flowed out upon
the ashes. The upper part of his body was encrusted with
dry boils, and to ease the itching they caused him, he used
his nails, until they dropped off together with his fingertips,
and he took him a potsherd to scrape himself withal.[25] His
body swarmed with vermin, but if one of the little creatures
attempted to crawl away from him, he forced it back, saying,
"Remain on the place whither thou wast sent, until God

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