treated by the physicians of the three kings, his friends. But
Job rejected the offer, saying, "My healing and my restoration
come from God, the Creator of all physicians."

While the three kings were conversing thus with Job, his
wife Zitidos made her appearance clad in rags, and she threw
herself at the feet of her husband's friends, and amid tears
she spoke, saying: "O Eliphaz, and ye other friends of
Job, remember what I was in other days, and how I am now
changed, coming before you in rags and tatters." The sight
of the unhappy woman touched them so deeply that they
could only weep, and not a word could they force out of their
mouths. Eliphaz, however, took his royal mantle of purple,
and laid it about the shoulders of the poor woman. Zitidos
asked only one favor, that the three kings should order their

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