soldiers to clear away the ruins of the building under which
her children lay entombed, that she might give their remains
decent burial. The command was issued to the soldiers
accordingly, but Job said, "Do not put yourselves to
trouble for naught. My children will not be found, for they
are safely bestowed with their Lord and Creator." Again
his friends were sure that Job was bereft of his senses. He
arose, however, prayed to God, and at the end of his devotions,
he bade his friends look eastward, and when they did
his bidding, they beheld his children next to the Ruler of
heaven, with crowns of glory upon their heads. Zitidos
prostrated herself, and said, "Now I know that my memorial
resides with the Lord." And she returned to the house
of her master, whence she had absented herself for some
time against his will. He had forbidden her to leave it,

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