After suffering sevenfold pain for seven years[34] Job was
restored to strength. With his three friends he returned to
the city, and the inhabitants made a festival in his honor
and unto the glory of God. All his former friends joined
him again, and he resumed his old occupation, the care of
the poor, for which he obtained the means from the people
around. He said to them, "Give me, each one of you, a
sheep for the clothing of the poor, and four silver or gold
drachmas for their other needs." The Lord blessed Job,
and in a few days his wealth had increased to double the
substance he had owned before misfortune overtook him.
Zitidos having died during the years of his trials, he married
a second wife, Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, and she bore
him seven sons and three daughters.[35] He had never had

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