and the Egyptians did not molest them later, since they had
not been with their brethren at the beginning, and though
the Egyptians embittered the lives of the other Israelites
with servile labor, they did not disturb the children of Levi.
The Israelites called Malol, the king of Egypt, Maror,
"Bitterness," because in his days the Egyptians embittered
their lives with all manner of rigorous service.[6]

But Pharaoh did not rest satisfied with his proclamation
and the affliction it imposed upon the Israelites. He suspended
a brick-press from his own neck, and himself took
part in the work at Pithom and Raamses. After this, whenever
a Hebrew refused to come and help with the building,
alleging that he was not fit for such hard service, the Egyptians
would retort, saying, "Dost thou mean to make us

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