to sleep on the ground, away from their habitations.

But God spake, saying: "Unto their father Abraham I
gave the promise, that I would make his children to be as
numerous as the stars in the heavens, and you contrive plans
to prevent them from multiplying. We shall see whose
word will stand, Mine or yours." And it came to pass that
the more the Egyptians afflicted them, the more they multiplied,
and the more they spread abroad.[8] And they continued
to increase in spite of Pharaoh's command, that those
who did not complete the required tale of bricks were to be
immured in the buildings between the layers of bricks, and
great was the number of the Israelites that lost their lives
in this way.[9] Many of their children were, besides, slaughtered
as sacrifices to the idols of the Egyptians. For this

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