The two Hebrew midwives were Jochebed, the mother of
Moses, and Miriam, his sister. When they appeared before
Pharaoh, Miriam exclaimed: "Woe be to this man when
God visits retribution upon him for his evil deeds." The
king would have killed her for these audacious words, had
not Jochebed allayed his wrath by saying: "Why dost thou
pay heed to her words? She is but a child, and knows not
what she speaks." Yet, although Miriam was but five years
old at the time, she nevertheless accompanied her mother,
and helped her with her offices to the Hebrew women, giving
food to the new-born babes while Jochebed washed and
bathed them.

Pharaoh's order ran as follows: "At the birth of the
child, if it be a man child, kill it; but if it be a female

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